The Vermont Morgan Horse Association Inc.

This race is believed to be the first time since 1796 that a Morgan race took place on the Morgan Mile.

Rules For Morgan Mile Road Race

1. Must be a member of The Vermont Morgan Horse Association. (Due to insurance regulations.)

2. Horses must be Registered Morgan Horses.

3. There will be races in harness as well as under saddle.

4. The race will be one hundred and sixty Rods long. (half Mile)

5. The two horses under saddle with the fastest overall time will race in the Saddle Championship
    Race and the two horses in harness with the fastest overall time will race in the
    Harness Championship Race.

6. The leading horse must stay in their lane side of the road in order to allow enough room
    for the second horse to pass. This is for safety reasons so that a horse will not be run into
    a ditch trying to pass. Any horse found "hogging" the middle of the road by a spotter will
    be disqualified.

7. Any competitor who is in the left, or passing lane must "call" out to the leader so that they are
    aware of an on coming horse.

8. Any horse that "breaks" a trot must be brought back to a trot as soon as possible. Horses that
    break a trot for an unreasonable length of distance or any horse that goes off the road will be

9. The races will be in heats of two and timed with the fastest horse winning the race.

10. Helmets are required.

11. Race steward reserves the right to reject entry for safety reasons.

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